15 of my favourite feelings

1 November 2015

image from 15 of my favourite feelings

Feeling inspired by Claire Marshall’s video and tying in to this month’s linkup theme “Our favourite things”, I thought I’d share 15 of my favourite feelings in the form of photos.

1. The thrill of exploring somewhere new

2. Achieving something you never thought you would

Skiing black runs in Switzerland

3. Sand between your toes

4. The first snowfall of the season

5. Being on top of the world

6. London in the sunshine

7. The crunching of leaves underneath your feet on a crisp autumn day

8. Jumping in the pool on a hot day

9. That first bite of a delicious dessert

10. Spending time with old friends

11. Ticking something off your bucket list

12. When your team wins an important match

13. Witnessing the perfect sunset

14. Resting your feet after a long day

15. Coming home

What are some of your favourite things? If you want to join this month’s travel linkup just pop your link over on Kelly, Emma, Rebecca or Frankie’s blog post.



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