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A touristy day in London

3 February 2015

image from A touristy day in London

A while ago now, me and one of my Aussie friends set ourselves a challenge of trying to fit a number of touristy activities into a single day. We managed to fit quite a lot considering the distance we covered, with both of us getting to tick a few things off our London bucket lists.

We started the day by meeting at Kings Cross Station as my friend had never been to Platform 9 34. I’d already been twice before but since those occasions they’ve added a full set up with house scarves and the option of purchasing a professional photograph.

Next, we hopped on the tube to Piccadilly to see a Lego model of St Pancras Station that had been set up inside Waterstones.

We then made our way to Lord’s Cricket Ground and the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing. I do feel sorry for the poor motorists on this road who keep having to stop for tourists!

Our next stop was Notting Hill, to see some of the locations from the film and reenact the scene where they jump over the fence to access the private garden.

The last stop of the day was Tower Bridge, because I’d always wanted to see it open. There’s a handy website which has a schedule of the bridge lift times so it’s quite easy to plan a time to see it happening.

Sometimes I feel like after you’ve lived somewhere for a while it just becomes “normal life” and I don’t always get out an appreciate everything London has to offer. I definitely need to have another touristy day like this soon!



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