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An autumnal afternoon at Chiswick House

14 November 2015

image from An autumnal afternoon at Chiswick House

One of the first properties on my English Heritage wishlist was Chiswick House and I was determined to fit in a visit before it closed for the winter.

I didn’t end up taking my scooter, Sasha, this time since I didn’t want to ride all the way through Central London and wasn’t sure what the parking situation was. They have pay and display parking for cars but I wasn’t sure how this would work for motorcycles. In case you were wondering, it turns out that motorcycles can park for free in a marked motorcycle bay so I will remember that if I decide to return. But this time around, I made my way via the District Line to Turnham Green and from there it’s about a 20 minute walk to Chiswick House. It was a gorgeous day for it!

An English Heritage membership and a National Art Pass will both get you in for free here. After scanning my membership card at the door I stepped into a room to watch a short video on the history of the property.

Richard Boyle, the third Earl of Burlington, designed this house as a showcase for his art collection. He was inspired by the architecture of ancient Rome and 16th-century Italy and many of the paintings from his collection are still on display in the house.

I’m not too sure what the policy was for photography inside Chiswick House. There were a few signs upstairs which expressly said no photography but they weren’t in every room so I’m not sure if it was a general rule or only for specific rooms in the house. I took a few photos in rooms where I thought it was okay but there are other really pretty rooms on the second floor that I wasn’t able to photograph.

After I finished exploring the house I took some time to wander through the gardens and soak up the sunshine. It’s completely free to enter the gardens so there were a lot more people outside taking advantage of the great weather. I loved seeing the autumn colours everywhere!

Unfortunately Chiswick House has now closed for the winter but it will re-open in March 2016. I highly recommend visiting, it’s a gorgeous property surrounded by lovely gardens. Every year Chiswick House hosts its annual Camellia Show and I’m tempted to go back for this to see some beautiful blooms.

Have you visited Chiswick House? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?



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