Arriving in Budapest

6 October 2014

image from Arriving in Budapest

When I travelled to Prague in January 2012, I met up with a tour group who had just come from spending New Years Eve in Budapest. At that point in time I knew very little about Budapest but after one of the girls I met showed me her travel photos I instantly added it to my list of places to visit.

Fast forward to November where myself and three other friends had booked a trip to Budapest. We were all excited, packed and ready to go. I had taken my luggage with me to work and would be heading straight to the airport that evening for our weekend trip. It wasn’t to be though, air traffic control problems in Budapest meant they closed the airport and flights in and out were being diverted or cancelled. Our flight was cancelled and we were offered no alternative flight the following morning. The trip we had so been looking forward to wasn’t going to happen.

It’s now October 2014, and my trip to Budapest is finally happening! I kept worrying that something would again get in the way and force the trip to be cancelled but this time everything went smoothly. Our flight was scheduled to arrive in Budapest just before midnight so we had arranged a private transfer with our hotel, Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge.

Once we were seated in the car we were delighted to find bottles of cold drink provided as well as two boxes containing small sandwiches, fruit and chocolates. Just what we needed after stepping off a plane!

After checking in, the first thing we did was admire the view from our hotel room. The location was perfect!

Still feeling a bit hungry, we decided to order room service before going to bed. I wasn’t hungry enough for a full meal but couldn’t resist ordering a dessert!

So far our trip to Budapest is off to an excellent start.



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