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Capital Ring Walk Sections 1 & 2 - Woolwich to Falconwood to Grove Park

20 February 2018

image from Capital Ring Walk Sections 1 & 2 -  Woolwich to Falconwood to Grove Park

I have been continuing with my resolution to complete the Capital Ring walk in 2018. I covered sections 13-15 in my previous post and now I’m going to show some of the highlights from sections 1 and 2.

Section 1: Woolwich to Falconwood

Distance: 7 miles (11.2 kilometres)

We pick up the trail where we left off last time, at the southern end of the Woolwich Foot Tunnel. This is one of the longest sections of the Capital Ring so come prepared with water, snacks and comfy shoes.

The route runs adjacent to the Thames, and we get a pretty good view of the Thames Barrier.

We then leave the Thames Path to walk through Maryon Park and Maryon Wilson Park.

The route then crosses over into Charlton Park, where we find Charlton House. It is one of the best preserved Jacobean mansions in London and is free to visit. I didn’t take a look inside on this occasion but I’ve made a note to return another time.

The route continues through some more parks before climbing up the hill to reach Severndroog Castle. There are tearooms at the castle and a great view of London from the top so its definitely worth popping in here.

There’s also a nice view over the rose garden just behind the castle.

The rest of this section continues through woodland. There had been a bit of rain in the days before I did this walk so the path was extremely muddy!

Eventually I emerged out of the mud into Eltham Park North. The last section of this walk follows a path through the trees alongside the railway line. You can either head to Falconwood railway station or continue on to Section 2.

Section 2: Falconwood to Grove Park

Section distance: 4 miles (6.6 km)

This section starts in Eltham Park South and continues along some residential streets. I fell in love with several houses in this area before reaching the highlight of the walk - Eltham Palace.

Since this section is quite short you should have plenty of time to have a look inside Eltham Palace. I didn’t go in this time as I have visited before, but if you’d like to see more you can check out my blog post on Eltham Palace.

The route continues past some riding stables which have a great view of the London skyline.

You need to pay close attention to the signage in this section. The Capital Ring walk follows a similar path to the Green Chain walk, so you need to make sure you follow the right directions.

After passing by Eltham College, section 2 finishes by the Quaggy River at Marvels Lane. Grove Park train station is just a short walk from here.



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