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10 of my favourite dessert spots in Sydney

27th November, 2016

Most people who know me (or follow me on instagram) will know that I’m a sucker for a good dessert. Sydney is a city that does desserts well and having lived most of my life there I’ve had plenty of opportunities to sample a fair few. It was actually quite difficult to narrow my list […]

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Sydney’s Secret Garden: Chinese Garden of Friendship

19th November, 2016

I’ve always been guilty of neglecting to visit some of the typical tourist spots in my home town. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I finally visited Bondi Beach for the first time! When I started making plans to move to London I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to visit these places for […]

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September Re-Cap: Going home to Sydney

1st October, 2016

What’s been happening this month? Early in September London hosted a series of events to mark 350 years since the Great Fire of London. I went to see the fire projections on the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral… The dome of St Paul’s Cathedral lit up with flame projections as part of #greatfire350, commemorating 350 […]

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April Re-cap: A surprise trip to Australia!

3rd May, 2016

What’s been happening this month? The big highlight for April was my trip to Sydney. One of my friends was getting married so I flew back for the wedding but I kept it a secret from my parents – only my sister and brothers knew I was coming back. It was pretty difficult to keep […]

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A place you can’t get out of your head

31st August, 2015

Having travelled to more than 30 countries, I’ve fallen in love with so many places. Some that I’m longing to go back to and others I’ve returned to multiple times. But there’s one place in particular that has been on my mind a lot lately. Sydney. My hometown. Maybe its the fact that my last […]

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Looking Back: 2014 in Retrospect

5th January, 2015

At first I wasn’t sure if I would write this post, as I felt like I cut back on traveling a little this year (mostly to do with the amount of time and money I had to invest in getting a new UK visa). But as I started looking back on blog posts and travel […]

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Playing Tourist in Sydney

9th September, 2014

I had to make a trip back to Sydney in June for a few weeks to apply for my UK Tier 2 visa. I brought my British boy with me and I wanted to do all the typical tourist things as he’s never been to Australia before. Here’s a glimpse at some of the things […]

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A Room With A View

3rd September, 2014

I’m taking part in a travel link up and the theme for September is ‘A Room with a View’. I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels over the years, most of the time the views are less than spectacular. Occasionally though I do like to treat myself to a room upgrade. I think this […]