Celebrating Chinese New Year at the Magical Lantern Festival

3 March 2016

image from Celebrating Chinese New Year at the Magical Lantern Festival

The UK’s first Chinese Lantern festival has been taking place at Chiswick House and Garden throughout February and on my birthday a couple of weeks ago I went along to see it for myself.

I had been disappointed by the Lumiere festival in January and because of that I had some concerns that the Magical Lantern Festival might leave me feeling the same way. I had no need to be worried though, the festival was incredible - well worth the price of admission plus the 1.5 hours of travel time it took to get there thanks to the District line being partially closed that weekend.

The Magical Lantern Festival features more than 50 installations, all of which were made in China. It takes at least an hour to walk through all of the displays and the ticketing system ensures it never gets too crowded.

The festival finishes this weekend so if you haven’t been yet I highly recommend taking the time to visit. Here’s a bit of a sneak peek of what you’ll see at the festival - just some of the many photos I took that evening!

The Magical Lantern Festival is on from 5pm-8:45pm until Sunday, 6th March. Tickets cost £16 when booked in advance, or £18 if booked on the day.



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