Hiking to Ojstrica for the best views of Lake Bled

22 July 2018

image from Hiking to Ojstrica for the best views of Lake Bled

Our Airbnb hosts in Bled gave us some great recommendations on things to do during our stay, but a sunrise hike to Ojstrica was firmly my favourite.

I’m not normally one to be out of bed before the sun but the 4am wake up call was worthwhile for a few reasons. Obviously the view in the morning light is breathtaking, but getting up there earlier allows you to beat the crowds and the summer heat.

How to get there

The trail starts near the camping ground on Lake Bled. If you start from the car park at the camp site, turn right and follow the road past the archery tent. There is a small signpost identifying the path.

The path through the trees is easy to follow but is a bit steep and rocky so you should wear good walking shoes. I did the hike in Converse but would have preferred something a little sturdier. It’s also a good idea to bring a torch as the path is sheltered by trees so you don’t have the greatest visibility before sunrise.

After following the path for a short while you will merge with a wider path and turn right. Follow the path through the forest until you come across a signpost for Ojstrica where you turn right.

From here the path winds up a rocky path and in a few minutes you will reach the summit and be greeted with this spectacular view.

When to go

The hike to the summit takes around 20 minutes so you should aim to start the trail about 30 minutes before sunrise. It takes a while after the actual sunrise time before you see the sun come up from behind the mountain so you can arrive a bit later but there will probably be a few other keen photographers up there so you’ll want to stake out a good spot.



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