Introducing Sunsets and Suitcases

11 January 2017

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It’s here! I hinted back in August that I’d be migrating my blog to a new domain. It has taken a couple of months longer than I expected to make it happen - life and work got in the way a bit. I decided to postpone it until the Christmas break when I had a few solid days to focus on getting everything ready.

Why the change?

When I first started this blog I had no idea if I was going to stick with it long term. My previous attempts at blogging had all been abandoned within a couple of months so I didn’t want to invest the time coming up with a “brand” for something that I might give up on before too long. I already owned a domain in my own name so I decided to just stick the blog up there and see how it goes.

It’s now been almost two years and I’m still enjoying blogging. I figured now would be a good time to give the blog a new home and keep solely for my web development portfolio, which was its original purpose.

What’s it about?

Sunsets and Suitcases will be my personal travel diary - just like my blog has always been. I’m quite behind on my blog posts so in the coming weeks I’ll be writing about all the things I got up to towards the end of 2016 including my trips to Bruges and Hamburg, a spa weekend at Luton Hoo and other day trips from London.

Stay in touch

I’m still on all the same social channels you used to find me on as @staceyfenton (you’ll find all those links in the footer). I’ve never had a Facebook page for my blog but if this interests you let me know and I’ll look at setting one up.

You can also stay up to date with my latest posts via Bloglovin and RSS, or get in touch with me via the contact page.

Technical bits

From now on, anyone trying to reach will be automatically redirected to Your Bloglovin subscriptioon should also have been redirected (I hope!) but you can use the link above to re-subscribe if updates are not coming through.

I developed the new WordPress theme myself but had some help from by boyfriend in setting up the redirects to the new domain. If you’re looking at relaunching your own blog I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.

As with any new theme there may be some initial teething problems so if you spot anything that looks amiss please let me know.



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