My new wheels! Introducing Sasha the Scooter

13 August 2015

image from My new wheels! Introducing Sasha the Scooter

I mentioned briefly in the last travel linkup post that I’d completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) which means I can now legally ride a 125cc motorbike on the road. So of course the next logical step would be to get myself a bike and a couple of weeks ago I picked up a Yamaha Majesty S, which I’ve nicknamed Sasha. This is kind of a homage to the TV show Scrubs and JD’s scooter.

I always kind of liked the idea of riding a scooter but never had a strong desire to get a motorcycle licence. In the end my boyfriend convinced me it would be a great idea as it would mean that we’d be able to see parts of England that aren’t easily accessible by public transport. Neither of us have a car and the running costs of a motorbike are a lot more affordable. All he had to do was mention that I’d be able to visit more castles and historic houses and I was sold.

To celebrate my new purchase we rode out to Dedham Vale AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) in Suffolk. Since it was all country roads in that area there weren’t always opportunities to stop on the side of road to admire the view. I’ll definitely be getting a new GoPro mount for my helmet so I can capture more of these types of journeys.

We also rode over to Richmond last weekend and visited a couple of National Trust properties. I’ll be posting more about these soon but here’s a little sneak preview:

Any other scooter fans/riders out there?



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