My travel guilty pleasures

31 March 2015

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Whether they care to admit it or not, everyone has a guilty pleasure. Perhaps its watching reruns of Gossip Girl on Netflix, scoffing down an entire block of chocolate all by yourself or dancing along to Kelly Clarkson at your desk when you think nobody is watching (or maybe that’s just me…).

This month’s travel link up got me thinking about what my travel guilty pleasures are. I struggled a little with this at first but once I sat down to really think about it the ideas started flowing. I have a few travel habits I’m a little embarrassed to admit to and some more indulgent things I love to do on each holiday I take (holidays are about treating yourself, right?).

Airport lounges

I’m not a high tier member of any frequent flyer program and I’ve only flown business and first class one time each (they were only short haul flights and one was a free upgrade when my original flight had been cancelled). Despite this, I still visit an airport lounge usually at least once on every return flight I take. Back in 2013 I discovered there are some lounges you can pay to access even if you are just flying economy. I took advantage of this at the No. 1 Traveller Lounge at Stansted and Gatwick. Entry costs around £25 but I offset the cost by taking advantage of the free food and WiFi. Last year I started using the Priority Pass which gives you access to 700 airport lounges over the world. There’s a yearly fee but if you travel often enough it’s definitely worth paying for, or you can get one for free with the American Express Platinum Card.

Staying in luxury hotels

This isn’t a luxury I can always afford but I do like to splash out on a nice hotel room where possible. After you’ve had a long day exploring, coming back to a rain shower and a comfortable bed with fluffy pillows can make all the difference. Secretly, I also love having the option of ordering room service when I’m feeling super lazy.

Full body massages

When staying in a nice hotel I can never pass up the opportunity to visit the spa and indulge in a massage. Whether you’ve been carrying heavy luggage around or just spent the whole day walking around the city, a spa is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate those sore muscles ready for the next day.

All you can eat breakfast challenge

I admit, I will go a bit nuts when staying at a hotel with an included buffet breakfast. If there’s an impressive assortment of food laid out I will want to try ALL THE THINGS - fruit, yoghurt, pancakes, toast, eggs, muffins, croissants… you get the idea. I like to tell myself that I can fill up on a big breakfast and won’t be hungry again until the afternoon but it never really works out that way. Most of the time I just get stuck with that yucky full stomach feeling you get when you’ve eaten too much.

Macarons at McDonalds!

Sometimes you need a bit of familiarity

Every now and then when you’re in a new place and you don’t speak the language sometimes you just need something familiar to make you feel a bit more at home (at least I do anyway). It’s shameful to say but on these occasions I often head to somewhere like McDonalds or Starbucks. The staff always speak a bit of English and you know what you’re getting because its the same all over the world (and sometimes they have extras like macarons in French McDonalds). Also, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll have free WiFi! If I’m staying at a hotel with terribly slow or overpriced Internet, I will usually just pop over to the nearest Maccas or Starbucks for my WiFi fix.

Do you indulge in any guilty pleasures when you travel? I’d love to hear about them!

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