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3 July 2015

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In this month’s travel linkup hosted by Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Catherine, we’re talking about travel personalities. While my style of travel has changed a bit over the years, I think my travel personality has stayed fairly consistent. I can pretty much be summed up in the following category:

The Planner

For me, part of the fun in travelling is all the planning that happens before the trip. I never go anywhere without at least a basic itinerary in mind and I’ll happily spend hours searching for cheap flights, reading TripAdvisor reviews and looking at photos of a particular destination. I have major FOMO and the last thing I want is to get home and find out that I missed one of the coolest attractions that place has to offer.

The Over Packer

Particularly in my early days of travelling, I’d always pack way more than I actually needed “just in case”. I bought a travel iron to take around Europe with me as I had read that a lot of hotels don’t provide irons in the room. While this is true, that stupid iron just took up more weight and space in my luggage and I could rarely be bothered to use it anyway. As you can probably imagine, it didn’t work as well as a regular sized iron and then there’s also the issue of finding a space in the room on which you can iron your clothes. Other useless items I’ve been guilty of packing are a portable hairdryer (hotels have them anyway), portable speaker (never used it), and too many travel pillows (one is enough).

The Explorer

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to sit still for too long. I can’t even spend a couple of days at home without getting restless and wanting to head out and do something. I’d never be content just lounging by the pool on holiday - I’d get bored too quickly. I have a summer trip to Malta coming up soon but you won’t find me relaxing on a sunbed. I’ll be up exploring the towns or SCUBA diving in the ocean.

_What’s your travel personality? If you want to join this month’s travel linkup just pop your link over on Kelly, Emma, Rebecca or Catherine’s blog post.



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