New blog design and migration to WordPress!

7 March 2015

image from New blog design and migration to WordPress!

When I first set up this blog last year I didn’t think I’d be devoting much time to it. I’d used WordPress before and thought that it was a bit too “heavy” for my little blog. I figured I didn’t need so many features, just a basic blogging platform.

In the end I decided to set up a Ghost blog. There was a bit of hype around Ghost at the time with people hailing it as a “WordPress Killer”. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I did like the minimalism of Ghost so I went ahead and set it up.

Once I began blogging more frequently I began to see that Ghost has several limitations - for example, you’re unable to preview posts within the website before publishing, there’s no ability to schedule publishes for a future date and time, etc. Also, the process of updating the Ghost software involved more effort than it was worth - somehow each time I tried something would go wrong. It was after attempting one such update that I’d finally had enough and decided it would probably be best if I migrated back to WordPress.

Even though there’s not a whole lot of documentation around about migrating from Ghost to WordPress, thankfully the process was relatively painless. And with setting up a new platform, I set up a new theme, too. I will probably make some more tweaks to it over time but I just wanted to get it out the door rather than having to maintain a blog on two platforms while I was setting things up behind the scenes. I also managed to integrate Disqus comments into WordPress so all post comments from before should be showing up on the new platform.

Please let me know if you experience any issues with the new site, there may be a few kinks to iron out but hopefully nothing major!



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