Prague in Pictures

1 September 2014

image from Prague in Pictures

I’ve been sorting through my seemingly never ending collection of travel photos lately in an effort to get things organised. I’m having trouble locating some of my older photos which makes me a little sad but I’m still hoping they’re on a hard drive somewhere back with the rest of my belongings in Sydney.

I’m aiming to share some more of these past travels on the blog, starting with Prague. It has been over two years since I visited Prague and had almost forgotten how beautiful it was. I love how just looking through a collection of photos can stir up old memories.

I arrived in Prague on a sunny January morning. After dropping off my bags at the hotel I caught metro over to the Old Town to see the sights…

I climbed to the top of the Old Town Hall clock tower for views over the city…

I did a free walking tour with SANDEMANs NEW Europe. I’ve done these tours in a few cities and they are always fantastic. The three hour tour takes you past all the main sites and the guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

The sun was setting by the time the tour concluded and I spent some time exploring the city by night.

The following day I walked up the hill to Prague Castle and then to the top of the South Tower of St Vitus Cathedral. It was a mission getting to the top but definitely worth it for the spectacular views over the city.

Unfortunately my final day in Prague was very wet so I didn’t take photos. Despite this, I still had a wonderful time and I definitely want to return to the Czech Republic again in the future.



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