Skiing a black run in Austria!

11 January 2015

image from Skiing a black run in Austria!

My dad taught me to ski at a young age but up until a few weeks ago I had never dared to attempt a black run (expert level). While skiing in Hintertux, Austria, I was unknowingly lead onto a black run by my boyfriend and didn’t even realise until I’d already gone about a quarter of the way down (he did this on purpose, knowing I’d never agree to it if he told me beforehand).

I was nervous as hell but managed to make it to the bottom in once piece without falling down. I was feeling pretty relieved and a little proud of myself afterward and somehow my boyfriend convinced me to do it again, this time with the GoPro recording. I did have one little slip up on a bit of ice on the second run but was otherwise unscathed. I’ve included the video below if you’d like to see me in action.

It feels good to have already conquered a fear so early in 2015 and I plan to continue stepping out of my comfort zone in other activities throughout the year.



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