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Open House London 2017

25th November, 2017

Open House is one of my favourite events in London. For one weekend, members of the public can visit over 800 buildings in the capital for free. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have a snoop inside places which are not normally accessible. Here are the places I was able to visit during this year’s event: […]

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Taking a ride on London’s Mail Rail

18th November, 2017

The Mail Rail was a small underground railway that operated in London from 1927 until 2003. The network spanned 6.5 miles from Paddington to Whitechapel, carrying millions of letters daily between the city’s mail sorting stations. The Royal Mail shut down the railway when the running costs became significantly more expensive than using road transport, […]

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Open House London 2015

29th September, 2015

September in London means it’s time for the annual Open House Weekend. If you haven’t heard of Open House before, it’s London’s largest annual festival of architecture and design and you are able to visit hundreds of properties around London for free, many of which are rarely open to the public. I love snooping inside […]

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Serpentine Pavilion and Sony A7R Test Drive

14th July, 2015

After almost five years exclusively using a Canon DSLR, I’ve recently switched over to the Sony A7R. I love my 550D and it has served me well over the years but I had been wanting to purchase a full-frame DSLR for some time. The main thing that held me back, besides the cost, is that […]

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Shaun in the City

13th April, 2015

My sister is a huge fan on Shaun the Sheep, a British stop-motion animated TV series and spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit franchise. So when I heard there was a Shaun the Sheep sculpture trail coming to London I had to go and check it out on her behalf (if I’m honest, I love […]

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Weekend Wanderings

23rd March, 2015

Last Saturday I hopped on the tube and made my way to Two Temple Place – an extraordinary late Victorian building tucked away on Embankment behind the Strand. Few people seem to have heard of Two Temple Place (I only heard about it a couple of weeks prior to my visit), it’s rather unassuming from […]

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Year of the Bus Sculpture Trails

24th November, 2014

2014 marks 60 years since the creation of the iconic Routemaster bus. As part of the Year of the Bus, a collection of bus sculptures commissioned by Transport for London (TFL) have been placed around London on three walking trails. A fourth walking trail will be added in Croydon before Christmas. I love all things […]

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Art of the Brick

4th November, 2014

I must admit I’m a bit of a Lego nerd. Whenever I hear about any kind of Lego display I will go see it at the soonest chance I get. In London alone I’ve seen the Lego Christmas tree, advent calendar, snow globe, tube map, bus stop and the displays in Hamleys toy store. So […]

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Open House London 2014

22nd September, 2014

The annual Open House Weekend is a highlight for Londoners eager to get behind the closed doors of splendid buildings they wouldn’t normally have access to. It is run by a small, not-for-profit organisation with the aim of promoting public awareness and appreciation of the capital’s building design and architecture. Best of all, entry is […]