Travel wishlist for 2018

1 January 2018
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It’s been a long time since I took part in a travel linkup, so I thought I’d kick off the year by sharing my 2018 travel wishlist. I don’t have any trips booked yet but I’ve got lots of ideas on where I’d like to go this year. Winter sun in Seville I sometimes find this time of year in London a little difficult to bare. The Christmas festivities are over and the weather is mostly cold and dreary...

My 2016 Travel Plans and Wishlist

1 January 2016
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Is it just me or did 2015 just fly by? I can’t believe it’s 2016 already. As with last year, I’m joining in the travel linkup hosted by Emma, Angie and Jessi to share my travel wishlist and plans for 2016. Unfortunately last year I didn’t really get to tick off any of the places on my wishlist so hopefully this year I will have a better go at it!..

15 of my favourite feelings

1 November 2015
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Feeling inspired by Claire Marshall’s video and tying in to this month’s linkup theme “Our favourite things”, I thought I’d share 15 of my favourite feelings in the form of photos. 1. The thrill of exploring somewhere new 2. Achieving something you never thought you would 3. Sand between your toes 4. The first snowfall of the season 5. Being on top of the world 6. London in the sunshine..


A place you can't get out of your head

31 August 2015
image from A place you can't get out of your head

Having travelled to more than 30 countries, I’ve fallen in love with so many places. Some that I’m longing to go back to and others I’ve returned to multiple times. But there’s one place in particular that has been on my mind a lot lately. Sydney. My hometown. Maybe its the fact that my last visit home was over a year ago. With no plans to go back anytime soon this will be the longest period of time I’ve been out of Australia...


Travel Contrasts: How Travel Has Changed Me

1 August 2015
image from Travel Contrasts: How Travel Has Changed Me

I really struggled with this month’s travel linkup topic: travel contrasts. The destinations I have visited, while many, are not incredibly diverse. The majority of my travelling has been done in the Western part of the world so I’ve never experienced huge contrasts in the places I’ve been. But despite this, looking back I now realise how much I have changed in the 8 years since my first trip to Europe at the age of 22...


My travel personality

3 July 2015
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In this month’s travel linkup hosted by Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Catherine, we’re talking about travel personalities. While my style of travel has changed a bit over the years, I think my travel personality has stayed fairly consistent. I can pretty much be summed up in the following category: The Planner For me, part of the fun in travelling is all the planning that happens before the trip. I never go anywhere without at least a basic itinerary in mind and I’ll happily spend hours searching for cheap flights, reading TripAdvisor reviews and looking at photos of a particular destination...


1 June 2015
image from Souvenirs

In my early days of travelling I would always try to buy a souvenir in every foreign country or city that I visited. Two of my favourite things to collect were teddy bears and guide books (am I the lamest person ever? Probably). This was always problematic when it came time to return home - collecting books on long trips weighs down your bag a lot and those bears also took up plenty of space in my luggage...


Things I'd Never Do Again - Lessons Learnt at Oktoberfest

1 May 2015
image from Things I'd Never Do Again - Lessons Learnt at Oktoberfest

Let’s rewind back to September 2012. I had just landed my first job in London. They didn’t actually need me to start for a couple of weeks so naturally I wanted to fill that time with one last holiday before returning to the world of employment for the first time in 3 months. Oktoberfest had been one of the events on my bucket list for when I moved to London...

My travel guilty pleasures

31 March 2015
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Whether they care to admit it or not, everyone has a guilty pleasure. Perhaps its watching reruns of Gossip Girl on Netflix, scoffing down an entire block of chocolate all by yourself or dancing along to Kelly Clarkson at your desk when you think nobody is watching (or maybe that’s just me…). This month’s travel link up got me thinking about what my travel guilty pleasures are. I struggled a little with this at first but once I sat down to really think about it the ideas started flowing...

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Lost in Translation: An Aussie's Guide to Overcoming the Language Barrier in the UK

1 March 2015
image from Lost in Translation: An Aussie's Guide to Overcoming the Language Barrier in the UK

The differences between British English and American English are well known, but before I moved to the UK I figured that there would not be much difference between British and Australian English. While this is mostly true, there are some subtle differences that definitely tripped me up a few times! If you’re new to the UK hopefully this guide will stop you making the same mistakes as me. Pants Underwear is referred to as pants in the UK...