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Travel wishlist for 2018

It’s been a long time since I took part in a travel linkup, so I thought I’d kick off the year by sharing my 2018 travel wishlist. I don’t have any trips booked yet but I’ve got lots of ideas on where I’d like to go this year.

Winter sun in Seville

I sometimes find this time of year in London a little difficult to bare. The Christmas festivities are over and the weather is mostly cold and dreary. Seville has been high on my wishlist for a while and I’d love to escape the UK for a weekend in search of sunshine. Image source: Flickr.

A week of skiing

My boyfriend and I usually take a ski trip in February and will probably do the same again this year. We haven’t figured out which resort we’re heading to yet. I’m keeping an eye out and hopefully a good last-minute deal will pop up.

Scenic Slovenia

This one has definitely been on my travel wishlist before but I still haven’t been there yet so I’m adding it again. I’d love to spend a few days exploring Ljubljana and Lake Bled. Image source: Flickr.

Castle hunting in Northumberland

I briefly visited Northumberland in 2017 but our trip was cut short due to bad weather. I’d love to return and see more of the region, including Bamburgh Castle and puffins on the Farne Islands. Image source: Flickr.

Home for Christmas

I’ve not had a Christmas in Australia since 2011, so this year I’m determined to spend the holiday season with my family at home. I didn’t get to visit Sydney at all in 2017 so I definitely want to go back this year. One of my friends had a baby a few weeks ago, and I have another friend who is due soon, so I can’t wait to meet their little ones!

Where are you hoping to travel to in 2018? If you’d like to join the travel linkup head over to Adventures of a London Kiwi, SilverSpoon London, or Follow Your Sunshine and add your post to the link up widget.



  • 2018 sounds like it will be fantastic Stacey! Cheers to more adventures xx

  • Slovenia does sound dreamy, I’d love to go there too!

    • It’s been high on my list for a long time! I just wish flights there from London were a bit more frequent.

  • great ideas

  • We went on a day trip to Seville and it was lovely! It was like 36 degrees in October so it may actually be pleasant temperatures if you go in Jan! xx

  • This is such a great list, it looks like you’re going to have an incredible 2018 🙂 We spent 11 days in Slovenia this year, and it fast became my favorite country I have ever traveled to. I hope you make it to this little green country in 2018 – and if you do I recommend renting a car and making a longer trip of it!

    • Thanks for the tip, Sarah! I’d love to do a longer trip if time allows.

  • Lake Bled is definitely high on my wishlist of places to visit too, it’s so beautiful!

  • Same here with Slovenia! I have wanted to go for ages but I never quite manage it. Hope we both get to visit this year!

  • Ooh, Seville sounds so amazing! We just took a quick break to the Algarve last month and absolutely loved it, and it’s only a few hours drive from Seville. We were hoping to spend a day in the city, but we just didn’t have enough time. Slovenia is on my list too (and has been for the past few years too haha), but I’m determined to visit this year, before it gets a bit too popular!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Slovenia does seem to be becoming increasingly popular! I hope you get a chance to visit Seville as well.

  • I’d love to go to Spain–and Seville especially! You MUST go to Slovenia…and quick before the rest of the world goes, too!

    • So true! Hopefully it doesn’t get too touristy.