Luxembourg - An Unexpected Gem

14 October 2014

image from Luxembourg - An Unexpected Gem

Luxembourg is quite often neglected by travellers, and I admit it wasn’t on my bucket list either. But when a friend suggested spending a weekend there to celebrate her birthday I was more than willing to take the opportunity. And I can tell you now it’s a real shame that this tiny country is often overlooked. The capital - Luxembourg City - is one of the most beautiful in Europe and it makes a great destination for a weekend escape.

Getting to Luxembourg from London couldn’t be easier, with Luxair offering direct flights from London City Airport (my favourite airport in London because of it’s convenient location). I’ve never flown on such a small plane before!

Once we arrived in Luxembourg City we began exploring on foot with no real agenda in mind. Buses and bikes are available as well but we found walking was the best way to take in the city’s beautiful scenery.

The following day we took a train and a bus to the town of Vianden, on the north-eastern side of Luxembourg. The journey took a little over an hour and it was well worth it to see the picturesque village.

I’m so glad my friend suggested we go to Luxembourg, it truly is one of Europe’s hidden gems.



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