Visiting Glenbrook and Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

21 April 2016

image from Visiting Glenbrook and Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I took a brief trip back home to Australia earlier this month. One of my friends was getting married so I flew back for the wedding and surprised my parents who had no idea I was coming. Well done to my sister who managed to keep it a secret for 3 months!

We had a rather packed itinerary that didn’t leave a whole lot of time for sightseeing but on a Sunday afternoon my sister took us to Glenbrook for lunch and to check out the Blue Mountains National Park. Situated at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Glenbrook was an ideal choice as it’s only about a 30 minute drive from my parents’ house.

My sister recommended we go to Cafe 2773 for lunch and when I saw they had chicken schnitzel and freakshakes on the menu I was sold! Ordering both of these at the same time was a mistake though, a main meal and this crazy caramel shake were just too much to take on at once.

With our bellies full we hopped back into the car for a short drive into the National Park. It costs $8 per vehicle to enter the park (you can park outside to avoid the fee but that means you have a long walk ahead of you).

Our first photo stop was Mount Portal which offers a beautiful view over the Nepean River and Western Sydney.

Next we stopped at Tunnel View lookout…

And finally we stopped off to visit the Jellybean Pools. People often go swimming here but it looked a little murky to me!

It was nice to explore a new part of the Blue Mountains National Park, even if it was only a brief visit. Having grown up quite close to it, it’s one of those places that I never really appreciated the beauty of until after I moved far away.



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