Visiting Penrhyn Castle in North Wales

28 May 2017

image from Visiting Penrhyn Castle in North Wales

Our hotel in North Wales was only about a 10 minute drive from Penrhyn Castle, so after we’d checked in we made our way there to squeeze in a visit before dinner.

After parking up and having our membership cards scanned at the visitor’s centre, we quickly made our way up to the castle as we only had about an hour to see it before closing time. It’s elevated position gives you beautiful views of Snowdonia and the North Wales coast.

Once we were inside I realised that Penrhyn Castle is a bit of a misnomer. While it does look like a castle on the outside, it is in actual fact a country house. It is definitely not a medieval castle like Caernarfon or Caerphilly Castle.

Penrhyn Castle was built by the Pennant family, who made their fortune from both the sugar and slate industries.

I was amazed by the architecture, including the intricately carved grand staircase which took 10 years to complete…

The Chapel…

The Grand Hall…

And even the hallways…

The house is full of interesting artefacts including a bed made out of slate for Queen Victoria which weighs more than a ton. She never slept in it though, as it reminded her of a tombstone.

There’s also an Industrial Railway Museum and doll museum located in the old stables, but unfortunately we didn’t get time to visit these. Once we had finished exploring the house they were already closed for the day.

Of course, once we outside again the rain started bucketing it down so we weren’t able to see much of the 40 acre garden surrounding the house. I managed to get a couple of photos of the castle exterior before we retreated back to our hotel.

Visitor information

  • Penrhyn Castle is located near Bangor in North Wales. The standard entry price to access the whole property is £11.80 for adults. The garden only price is £7.90. National Trust members can visit for free.
  • There is plenty of free parking on site. You can also reach the castle by bus from Bangor.
  • I would suggest allowing 2-3 hours to fully explore the house and gardens. We only had an hour which was definitely not long enough.
  • Check the National Trust website for opening times.


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